Pine Island Community Farm Public Tour

July 20, 2019 @ 9:45AM — 11:00AM

Explore this vital commnity resource

Pine Island Community Farm Public Tour image

Learn about this collaborative farm and community hub for New Americans in the greater Burlington area.

There are currently no tickets available for this event, but you can still make a donation.


Pine Island Community Farm is a place where New Americans (former refugees) can raise culturally significant foods and connect with the land. The farm is being sustainably managed and has a vibrant volunteer program. Waste products, such as Christmas trees, are recycled as food for farm animals.

Many of the people who come here as refugees have deep agricultural roots. Pine Island provides a place where people can access animals, open pastures, and fertile soil. It offers land to produce food that can otherwise be difficult or expensive to obtain. It gives people an opportunity to build on their agricultural past and experience a Vermont that feels more like home.